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......I don't know.

[kieki]: Midget, who is normally a nice wholesome girl, was talking about Sephiroth's crotch. And Riku's ass. And his crotch.

FyreflyzBlaze: Sephiroth's crotch & Riku's ass. Suddenly my day got a bit brighter.

[kieki]: she was trying to get him to jump so that she could see it. sorta like male panty shots or whatnot.

FyreflyzBlaze: .........I can't decide whether I'm more amused or disturbed.

[kieki]: i'm disturbed, you can be amused

FyreflyzBlaze: Disturbed & Amused--the two dwarfs that didn't make it.

[kieki]: *snork*

[kieki]: I'm imagining little dwarf things screeching and punching Legolas' kneecaps.

FyreflyzBlaze: Add in Co-Admin as Horny, & you have an even ten dwarves.

[kieki]: *SNERK*

[kieki]: dude

[kieki]: we need a picture of that

FyreflyzBlaze: would punch a beautiful piece of elvage?

[kieki]: only to bring him down to my height

[kieki]: he doesn't need to walk

FyreflyzBlaze: But if you destroy his knees, how can he get down on them & fellate Aragorn?

[kieki]: .....aragorn diiiiiiiirrrrrty

FyreflyzBlaze: His face, maybe. But the rest of him is probably fairly clean.

[kieki]: *snort*

[kieki]: "I like your mom" by Bouncing Souls just popped up on winamp.

FyreflyzBlaze: ............

[kieki]: *smooch winamp*

[kieki]: XD

FyreflyzBlaze: Did you read my HellJay?

[kieki]: the pillow?

FyreflyzBlaze: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii.

FyreflyzBlaze: Not -quite- what I had in mind when I wanted to sleep with Legolas, but it's something.

[kieki]: you wanted a full size body pillow?

FyreflyzBlaze: I was hoping for a full-sized elf, complete with all the accessories.

[kieki]: dangly bits and sparkly thong

FyreflyzBlaze: .........sparkly thong? Wow, even my imagination never furnished him with one of those.

[kieki]: Interpretive Elf Dancing. It's tradition, thong and all.

FyreflyzBlaze: ......................well, that's a nice mental image.

[kieki]: *smirk*

FyreflyzBlaze: For that, I give you the Mental Image of Arien naked with a guitar.

ohakujinsama: *GRIN*

FyreflyzBlaze: Suddenly my brain pops out the idea of Mental Image Trading Cards.

[kieki]: !!!!!!!

[kieki]: *leers at Arien*

FyreflyzBlaze: "I'll trade you my Legolas In Thong for your Naked Arien With A Guitar!"

FyreflyzBlaze: A:

[kieki]: *LEER* C'mere, Aunty's got a present for you.

FyreflyzBlaze: A: !!!!!!!!!!!!

[kieki]: *smirk*

FyreflyzBlaze: A: *edges away*

[kieki]: Cricket politely taps the player on the shoulder. Excuse me, MINE. Er, half mine.

[kieki]: Cricket leers.

FyreflyzBlaze: Admin was thinking in the car today about what sort of Christmas presents Arien would get for Cricket & Morgan. *snerks* And being the sick little monkey she is, Admin first thought of Arien stripping & just positioning a Christmas bow over his crotch...

[kieki]: so fucking disturbed and amused by the thought of samaj and morgan playing with the mental image trading cards.

[kieki]: !!!!!!!!!!!

[kieki]: DIE

[kieki]: DEAD

FyreflyzBlaze: Arien eyes Cricket. Excuse me while I try to decide whether or not I'm relieved...

FyreflyzBlaze: *grin*

[kieki]: d00d, naked arien with bow is like...brain enema of joy

[kieki]: Cricket heh heh heh.

FyreflyzBlaze: *snerks madly*

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Of course, I'm quoted when I'm at my most idiotic. *snerk*
That's when you're most amusing.

You're going to hell, y'know. For laughing at the idiots.
At least I'll be amused there.