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End of this afternoon's RP session...

Calli, don't hit me, I couldn't resist.

Rampant OOC ahead. Do not judge the charas because their players are On Crack.
Two fangirls, some soda, and some sexually frustrated characters.

Andre kisses his way up Vice's back and nuzzles the back of his neck. Not one for foreplay?

Vice snerks. You've kept me waiting three goddamn hours here. Foreplay can bite me.

Andre grins. Ok, maybe he's just being a little sadistic... Still nuzzling at Vice's neck, he gropes around the bed til he finds the tube he stashed in the sheets earlier.

Vice makes a sound that but for sheer force of will would be a whimper.

Admin: A little bit sadistic nothing, Andre. You had Vice to yourself for three hours & you didn't get him laid, & now Admin has to leave. There aren't words for the hormonally-induced hatred he's instructing me to send your way.


Andre woops.

Vice twitches like a mouse on crack & stomps off to a bathroom to take care of certain things Andre seems inclined to neglect for three hours straight or so.

Andre !!!!!!!!!!!! And chases after Vice. Oh, c'mon, how about I give you a quick blowjob?

Vice locks the door behind him & huffs. A quick blowjob would only take one hour, right?

Andre mmmphs and stomps off to sulk and wank.

Vice: *yells through the door* Oh, like it's MY fault your foreplay consists of three fucking hours of blue balls for me!

kieki inhales her pepsi and dies. jesus, vice, PLEASE don't sound like a woman.

Vice: *grmbl* And then he has the nerve to ask me if I'm just not a foreplay kinda guy, I ASK you...

Admin grins. Vice is not a happy sexually-frustrated little camper.

Andre grrrrr and sulk. Hell, he doesn't even feel like wanking anymore.

Kieki: shit, i'm about to die of pepsi inhalation. carbonation up nose is not fun times for kieki.

Vice wishes -he- had that option, but this has been rather painful for the last -hour- or so, so it's getting kinda OLD....

Andre points out that Vice could've done something besides lie there and moan. Like telling him to just fuck his brains out already.
And besides, Andre does most of the work!
Maybe Vice could motivate his nice ass to do something for once!

Maybe next time Vice will write it in permanent marker on his forehead that foreplay is supposed to lead to SEX!
You know, just as a REMINDER!

...Admin is ded over here.
DED, I tell you.

Well, Andre thought that not all foreplay led to sex! At least, in past relationships, that's how it was done! And that doesn't deter from the fact that Vice could've just said "FUCK ME ALREADY!" instead of getting pissed off cause Andre has having fun with his body! You can use your mouth for more than just blowjobs!

kieki typed "mother" instead of "mouth". OWBRAIN.
And where is Arien when you need him?
i'm literally light headed from laughing.

Vice FUMES. And is thoroughly tempted to go find somebody else to take care of this for him, since wanking doesn't appeal to him much right now either.

Admin imagines Morgan walking in on this, & not even knowing which of them to smack upside the head & make apologize first. XD

Kieki's gonna channel Arien for a moment.
"Andre, Okage, stop acting like women, you fucks."

Admin: *SNERK*

Kieki as Arien: "Smack each other and get some cock. Jesus."

Admin: Actually, OOCArien just locked himself in the bathroom with OOCVice, &......-wow-. I didn't know Vice's voice ever went that high.

Kieki: OOCArien violating OCCVice's virgin ass?

OOCAndre goes and fucks OOCMorgan, OOCCricket, OOCMieko, OOCBlayke, and basically every OOC member of the family, just for spite.

OOCArien: Virgin ass? Excuse me, but I've slept with virgins before, & -this- farmland has been thoroughly plowed.

Kieki: *SCREAMS*
wow, I didn't know that my voice went that high...

OOCVice: ....that is so wrong on so many levels.
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