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Saturday, August 30th, 2003
3:37 pm

Forcing myself to overcome my brain and just try to start writing again. Cut for character drabbles.Collapse )

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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
9:43 pm - Kieki & Calli on crack!...as always...

Quoting InsanityCollapse )


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Sunday, December 29th, 2002
9:24 pm - ......I don't know.

Madness. Fucking madness.Collapse )


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Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
10:36 am - Kutsujoku

KutsujokuCollapse )


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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
3:27 pm - End of this afternoon's RP session...

Calli, don't hit me, I couldn't resist.

Rampant OOC ahead. Do not judge the charas because their players are On Crack.
Two fangirls, some soda, and some sexually frustrated characters.

Andre kisses his way up Vice's back and nuzzles the back of his neck. Not one for foreplay?

Vice snerks. You've kept me waiting three goddamn hours here. Foreplay can bite me.

Andre grins. Ok, maybe he's just being a little sadistic... Still nuzzling at Vice's neck, he gropes around the bed til he finds the tube he stashed in the sheets earlier.

Vice makes a sound that but for sheer force of will would be a whimper.

Admin: A little bit sadistic nothing, Andre. You had Vice to yourself for three hours & you didn't get him laid, & now Admin has to leave. There aren't words for the hormonally-induced hatred he's instructing me to send your way.


Andre woops.

Vice twitches like a mouse on crack & stomps off to a bathroom to take care of certain things Andre seems inclined to neglect for three hours straight or so.

Andre !!!!!!!!!!!! And chases after Vice. Oh, c'mon, how about I give you a quick blowjob?

Vice locks the door behind him & huffs. A quick blowjob would only take one hour, right?

Andre mmmphs and stomps off to sulk and wank.

Vice: *yells through the door* Oh, like it's MY fault your foreplay consists of three fucking hours of blue balls for me!

kieki inhales her pepsi and dies. jesus, vice, PLEASE don't sound like a woman.

Vice: *grmbl* And then he has the nerve to ask me if I'm just not a foreplay kinda guy, I ASK you...

Admin grins. Vice is not a happy sexually-frustrated little camper.

Andre grrrrr and sulk. Hell, he doesn't even feel like wanking anymore.

Kieki: shit, i'm about to die of pepsi inhalation. carbonation up nose is not fun times for kieki.

Vice wishes -he- had that option, but this has been rather painful for the last -hour- or so, so it's getting kinda OLD....

Andre points out that Vice could've done something besides lie there and moan. Like telling him to just fuck his brains out already.
And besides, Andre does most of the work!
Maybe Vice could motivate his nice ass to do something for once!

Maybe next time Vice will write it in permanent marker on his forehead that foreplay is supposed to lead to SEX!
You know, just as a REMINDER!

...Admin is ded over here.
DED, I tell you.

Well, Andre thought that not all foreplay led to sex! At least, in past relationships, that's how it was done! And that doesn't deter from the fact that Vice could've just said "FUCK ME ALREADY!" instead of getting pissed off cause Andre has having fun with his body! You can use your mouth for more than just blowjobs!

kieki typed "mother" instead of "mouth". OWBRAIN.
And where is Arien when you need him?
i'm literally light headed from laughing.

Vice FUMES. And is thoroughly tempted to go find somebody else to take care of this for him, since wanking doesn't appeal to him much right now either.

Admin imagines Morgan walking in on this, & not even knowing which of them to smack upside the head & make apologize first. XD

Kieki's gonna channel Arien for a moment.
"Andre, Okage, stop acting like women, you fucks."

Admin: *SNERK*

Kieki as Arien: "Smack each other and get some cock. Jesus."

Admin: ....wow. Actually, OOCArien just locked himself in the bathroom with OOCVice, &......-wow-. I didn't know Vice's voice ever went that high.

Kieki: ....is OOCArien violating OCCVice's virgin ass?

OOCAndre goes and fucks OOCMorgan, OOCCricket, OOCMieko, OOCBlayke, and basically every OOC member of the family, just for spite.

OOCArien: Virgin ass? Excuse me, but I've slept with virgins before, & -this- farmland has been thoroughly plowed.

Kieki: *SCREAMS*
wow, I didn't know that my voice went that high...

OOCVice: ....that is so wrong on so many levels.

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Saturday, October 26th, 2002
11:07 pm

It just occured to me.

A good deal of Calli's and my own charas are gay. Or at least our favorite ones are.

For the last week, we've had nothing but heterosexuality flying through the air.

....that's a new record, I swear. And some of the Cricket and Arien convo entertains me to no end. Dammit, now I need a place to put the stuff between them >.>

I wonder if having 90% of your characters be gay or bi is a sign of some type of repressed psychological fuckered-ness.

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
12:49 pm - So you say you're a fangirl?...

Then pick up a controller.

Admin, being the rabid video game player that she is, was--way in the beginning--in it for the gameplay. And that was fine. Lovely, in fact. And there are some games that Admin does still play for the gameplay alone.

But as the years progressed, & Admin started paying more attention to such matters, she began to notice a trend: first of all, that she was ten times more likely to purchase a game with bishounen/biseinen characters in it; & second, that games with bishounen/biseinen characters were getting easier & easier to find.

Several conclusions can be drawn from this.

A) The video game market is finally waking up to the fact that video games don't appeal only to those with external genitalia, & is also realizing that women--being complex creatures with simple tastes--want a hot man to ogle whilst they play their games.

B) The video game designers are drawing more & more heavily from the character designs of their favorite animes.

C) Video game programmers have decided that making their own image into an anime-style character is more of an ego boost than into, say, Conan the Barbarian, & have changed the character designs accordingly.

D) The American game market is ded, & all games now come from Japan.

The first possibility is a nice one, but the last is the most likely.

ANYway, whatever the reason, the fact is that more & more bishies are finding their way into video games. The trend started with FFVII; the designers made Sephiroth, Vincent, & Cloud, & to their surprise sales EXPLODED. Why? Because women saw pictures of the men in the game & said to themselves, 'I would play a game for fifteen hours to take a better look at THAT.'

Admin knows this from experience. She bought FFVII for that exact reason. (Mmm. Vincent.) And the fact that every time she starts a new FFVII file she goes a full hour out of her way on Vincent's sub-quest just to acquire him is more proof that if women see a secksay boi in a video game, they will do quite a lot for the chance to ogle him.

And it's not just in the looks, either. Characters are starting to become more anime-ish in their actions & personality as well. For instance...Sephiroth goes insane in FFVII & wants to destroy everything. (Sorry if Admin has spoiled anyone...) In the anime Escaflowne, Dilandau is insane & wants to destroy everything. (Admin admits that she's rather vague on any details of Escaflowne, so this may not be -entirely- accurate...) And, quite frankly, a character going insane & trying to destroy everything isn't unheard of in most anime storylines.

Also, the main character often finds himself assaulted by a number of attractive women, which is a common anime theme. (Alright, yes, this is also an American theme, just because guys like seeing that, but still.)

But, most importantly, the characters are gaining more & more depth as games go along. Gone are the days where little blobs of pixels ran around saving kingdoms just because a king asked them to. Gone are the days when if you met a character, they would introduce themselves as, 'I am Kain, a thief' & are promped to LET JOIN? (YES) (NO). Characters are gaining backgrounds & individual personalities, storylines are gaining plot twists & depth--& while this isn't exclusively an anime feature, how well it's pulled off is one of the things that makes anime better than American cartoons. It's, in Admin's personal opinion, what makes anime -anime-.

But, of course, the aesthetics being what they are, the simple fact is that nearly every game in a fantasy genre out there today has at least one highly attractive guy running around. Not always the main character; sometimes (but not often) he's not even a playable character. But he's there for you to admire.

For example: Monster Rancher 3. Admin & Android bought this out of curiosity, really, & Admin quickly got hooked. Not for the monsters, although those were alright--but for the rivalry. Because, you see, there are several places you can train your monster to make it better--&, at each of these places, there are different opponents that show up at random to battle you. Several of these opponents are HIGHLY attractive males...in Admin's opinion, at least.

Now, what got Admin started on this rant?

Devil May Cry 2.

..............OH MY GOD.

Admin saw some of the screenshots, & a pic of Dante done by some artist, & almost passed out.

HEL-LO, Dante!

What can Admin say? The picture was GORGEOUS. Maybe she'll scan it so y'all can ogle it too.

The screenshots were pretty damn good themselves. It looks better than the original DMC, which is saying something. They -still- haven't figured out how to make Dante's hair look wispy instead of pixelly, Admin noted, but other than that.....niiiiiiiiiiice.

Admin also notes that according to the preview article, Dante's gonna have more moves to forget than Arien will ever use in his entire fucking life, which is also saying something. He can shoot in two different directions now with his guns, which is going to be kickass, though how they'll manage that Admin doesn't know...Dante even has the ability to shoot one monster in front of him & one monster behind him -at the same time-.

THAT is going to be unreal.

Also, apparently Dante has learned how to run along walls.

Admin can only hope they do the dialogue & storyline better than last time...they were laughable. The gameplay was fantastic....it was the other two areas where the game fell down.

Christ, has Admin gotten off-topic...

Anyway, as anyone with an XBox, PS2, or GameCube & who's done a little research knows, a hella lot of games are coming out with kickass bishounen/biseinen in 'em. They're coming out with...Shinobi, I believe...& another ninja game beside that, the stars of which are......wow. Then there's DMC2; Kingdom Hearts has a bunch of bishies recycled from Square games....

Admin's said it before, she'll say it again. Fangirls shouldn't be looking just in anime for bishies. Check out some video game magazines, & you'll discover there's almost as many bishounen between those pages as in the pages of Animerica.

Now Admin is going to sit down & stop rambling.


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10:32 am

Goo Goo Dolls

Ecstasy is all you need
Living in the big machine
Oh you're so vain

Now your world is way too fast
Nothing's real & nothing lasts

And I'm aware
I'm in love but you don't care

Turn your anger into lust
I'm still here but you don't trust at all
And I'll be waiting

Love & sex & loneliness
Take what's yours & leave the rest

So I'll survive
God it's good to be alive

And I'm torn in pieces
I'm lying here waiting for
My heart is reeling
I'm blind & waiting for you

Silly love with all your sins
Wait & stop and I begin
And I'll be waiting

Livin' like a house on fire
What you fear is your desire

It's hard to deal
I still love the way you feel

Now this angry little girl
Drowning in this petty world
And I'm who you run to

Swallow all your bitter pills
That's what makes you beautiful
You're all a lie

I don't need what you ain't got

And I'm torn in pieces
I'm lying here waiting for
My heart is reeling
I'm blind & waiting for you

I'm blind & waiting for you
I'm blind & waiting for you

And I can't believe it's coming true
God it's good to be alive
I'm still here & waiting for you
And I can't believe it's coming true
I'm blind & waiting for you


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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
12:03 pm - *sigh*

Other people besides Admin CAN post in this community, y'all realize...


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Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
11:50 am

Admin has nobody to talk to. Mmph. Admin -hates- being online & not having anyone to annoy.


Admin was sitting here quietly, minding her own business, & she had another one of her weird-as-fuck ideas. She RPs a good number of her charas with different people, as those of y'all who RP with Admin may already be aware. (Admin briefly wonders who the fuck she's talking to, as she's the only person in The Gay Shoebox at the present moment, then moves on to more important matters.) Her favorite charas, the ones that are the most polished & that Admin likes playing best, often get re-used & recycled into different incarnations to fit a new RPG Admin is joining, or a certain time setting one of Admin's RP partners wants to play in, etcetera. Sometimes Admin will even make identical copies of a chara, so that, say, the Samaj that has invited Kaen to live in his apartment with him & his roommate Alan is not the same Samaj who has invited Aidan to live in the apartment with him & Alan, or the same Samaj who has invited Tsukiyo to live in the apartment with him & Alan, or....

Well, you get the idea. If it were all the same Samaj, there's no way in HellJay that a two-room apartment could accomodate six guys, particularly as Samaj is sleeping with four out of the five. If there are four different versions of Samaj, no one has to share him, because they each get their own.

So ANYway.

Admin was contemplating this phenomenon, & she was watching TV. And, as is wont to happen every five minutes or so during the afternoon, a Barbie commercial comes on.

Admin, instead of doing the usual 'synapses fusing together, CHANGE CHANNEL NOW' routine that she likes to stick with, had a sudden mental image of her charas as Barbie dolls, complete with packaging.

"New: Medieval Arien!"

"New: Future Samaj!"

"New: Nurse Samaj!"
(Yes, this incarnation of him DOES exist. Scary, ne?)

"New: Demon Vice!"
(Yes, this incarnation of him DOES exist. If only in Admin's brain.)

"New: Chibi Gabriel!"
(Yes, this incarnation is just the tiniest bit redundant. The difference between Normal(?) Gabriel & Chibi Gabriel is that Chibi Gabriel has little red wings. But beyond that...)

Needless to say, Admin's brain hurt for hours, & she wished like hell she had the mad drawing skillz some of her friends do so that she could draw something to this effect. It would have amused the FUCK outta her.

Even more amusing was when she imagined these charas' respective RP lovers owning these dolls. The image of Chibi Paloma brushing Nurse SamajBarbie's hair.......OWHEAD.

Admin then got into a mental debate with herself as to whether Samaj would be more like a Barbie or a Ken doll...her brain keeps saying Barbie, & then smacking itself & screaming 'oh that is just SO NOT RIGHT!'

Er. Admin has had a rather weird couple of days.

And when Admin read the phrase 'as unequipped as a Ken doll' later on that SAME DAY as the Barbie commercial that started this whole mess.....

Well, you can imagine the fun she had with THAT.

For some reason, though, Admin's charas weren't very amused...

Medieval Arien looks down & !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, Admin-sama had better put his plastic equipment back RIGHT WHERE SHE FOUND IT, thankyouEVERsomuch.

Note: No players, charas, or charas' plastic equipment were hurt in the creation of this post. (Though possibly misplaced.) Admin is not to be held responsible for any injuries, internal or external, that result from the reading of this post. And if you break it, you bought it.


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Monday, September 23rd, 2002
11:21 pm - The Shoebox. It lives.

And the community lives.

But for some reason, Admin cannot seem to be able to use pictures the way she ought to.


HellJay WOULD have to be difficult.


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